Liquid mushroom extracts

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The most important positive effects

Immune booster

Blood pressure reduction

Against anxiety and depression

Life quality improvement

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Why is liquid mushroom extract better?

Product description

Standardized active ingredient content

This means that the active ingredient content of the preparation is always constant.

Better absorption

Better bioavailability. Mushroom compounds are better absorbed in the body, already through the mucous membrane


The liquid extracts contain only the active ingredients of the mushrooms and vegan glycerin. No added sugar. It is made from 100% BIO and VEGAN ingredients.

Chemical free

It is also free from chemical substances, radiation contamination and microbial-bacterial contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should it be stored?

The liquid mushroom extracts still have resolution then it does not need to be refrigerated, it will keep for one year their quality. The active ingredients are stable up to 60 degrees they stay, so even in our morning coffee we can mix it in.

Should we take it before or after a meal?

Best half an hour before meals, because still absorption is more efficient.

Is it better to consume the product in the morning or in the evening?

It can be consumed at any time of the day.

Could there be side effects while taking the product?

There are no side effects, not with drugs leave the application of the medicine and the mushroom extract between.

Can the product be overdosed?

You can't overdose, because it's natural and organic considered food.

How long can it be taken?

A minimum course of 3 months is recommended, chronic disease the product does not need to be discontinued its application.

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