Mycolife LIFE6 – 100ml


Metabolic problems, energy, mental freshness, diet, hormone control – increase potential and sexual activity, reduce stress
Cordyceps (Chinese caterpillar)
Nutritional values 5 ml 100 ml
Energy content (kj / kcal) 79/18 1588/379,62
Tuk (g) 0,01 0,26
Saturated fatty acids (g) <0,00 <0,05
Carbohydrates (g) 4,6 91,8
– of which sugar (g) 0,153 3,1
Protein (g) 0,13 2,5
Table salt (g) <0,00 <0,1
organic Chinese caterpillar (Cordyceps sinensis) 0.09 g / ml royal jelly 0.2 g / ml glycerol 0.8 g / ml Polysaccharide content 85%


It can help you strengthen your immune system and can give the consumer more energy, mental freshness and better health every day. The specialty of the product is that two components (royal jelly and Chinese caterpillar) act on the same organ system, but support these processes from different angles.

Recommended application:

5 ml daily in any liquid (eg tea, water, juice).
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced, mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.


For anticoagulant drugs, the recommended daily dose is 2.5 ml.
It can also be consumed by diabetics with regard to their daily carbohydrate intake. It is not recommended for people who are allergic to bee products (honey, propolis, royal jelly) because they can cause an allergic reaction!

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